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MUM is dedicated to providing you with exceptional landscape design services, while seeking uniquely personal expresssions that set your landscape apart from the ordinary. MUM develops modern site-sensitive landscapes that are thoughtful reflections inspired by your lifestyle needs and existing architectural elements. Our core design philosophy is manifest in creating new forms in modern, sustainable, low implact solutions for your landscape.

Oakhill Lanedropshadow

The clients had just completed an exceptionally stunning modern exterior and interior renovation of their home. Their request was that the landscape design needed to complement and reflect the contemporary architecture of their home. Vast fenestration throughout the home afforded a complete integration of exterior and interior perspectives.

McHenry County College Zen Gardendropshadow

An addition to the main entrance of the college created a courtyard that remained barren and unimproved for several years. The courtyard could be seen from public hallways and administrative offices. The Chair of the Art Department requisitioned funds to enhance the space, and the garden was completed using contributed labor and college foundation funding.

Deerpath Rd.dropshadow

The landscape transitions a three acre woodland setting for this mid-century modern house, designed by architect John Vincent Anderson.

Bull Valley Prairie Restorationdropshadow

The residence is perched on a magnificent 200-acre moraine with views spanning over 50 miles. The owners were intimately engaged in the restoration of the iconic Mid Century Modern home and landscape designed by John Vincent Anderson. Working collaboratively on the concept and design with the owner's son, an artist, the project involved clearing large swaths of meadows and oak savanna for native restoration. Minimal plantings were employed to define and respond to the architecture. An emphasis was placed on the clearing of invasive species, and a simple editing revealed the natural beauty and serenity of the existing surrounding landscape.


Barrett House Landscapingdropshadow

Clients had just completed a handsome and accurately sensitive expansion of a Portuguese Revival Villa and needed added landscaping to integrate with existing plantings. A semi-formal European informed design was implemented with a respecting influence of Spanish gardens.


White House Landscapingdropshadow

White House







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